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Inflation Sweden (HICP)

Charts - historic harmonised inflation figures

Chart HICP Sweden last year

Chart HICP Sweden long-term

Most recent HICP Sweden (inflation figure) 2.408 %
Two important consumer inflation figures are recorded in many European countries: the consumer price index (CPI) and the harmonised consumer price index (HICP). The CPI is often the official consumer price inflation rate which is recorded in the country itself. The HICP was created specially in order to be able to compare European inflation figures.

On this page the focus is on the Swedish HICP. This inflation figure shows the change in price of a standard package of goods and services which Swedish households purchase for consumption. To determine the rate of inflation the percentage increase in the HICP over a given period is calculated. If the percentage is negative then we are dealing with deflation.

This page shows the current and historic HICP inflation figures for Sweden.

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Tables - current and historic HICP Sweden

HICP SE recent months

 period inflation
 october 2018 2.408 %
 september 2018 2.454 %
 august 2018 2.090 %
 july 2018 2.153 %
 june 2018 2.146 %
 may 2018 2.002 %
 april 2018 1.770 %
 march 2018 1.956 %
 february 2018 1.643 %
 january 2018 1.576 %

HICP SE recent years

 period inflation
 october 2018 2.408 %
 october 2017 1.682 %
 october 2016 1.134 %
 october 2015 0.934 %
 october 2014 0.322 %
 october 2013 0.161 %
 october 2012 1.184 %
 october 2011 1.073 %
 october 2010 1.572 %
 october 2009 1.835 %

Other inflation figures

 country/region inflation period
 CPI BE 2.776 % november 2018
 CPI JP 1.392 % october 2018
 CPI RU 3.545 % october 2018
 CPI NL 2.029 % november 2018
 CPI US 2.523 % october 2018
 HICP BE 3.217 % october 2018
 HICP EUR 2.201 % october 2018
 HICP FR 2.171 % november 2018
 HICP GE 2.444 % october 2018
 HICP NL 1.883 % october 2018
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American inflation CPI2.52 %october 2018
English inflation CPI2.20 %october 2018
European inflation HICP2.20 %october 2018
German inflation CPI2.46 %october 2018
Japanese inflation CPI1.39 %october 2018
Chinese inflation CPI2.50 %october 2018
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