BOI Key Interest Rate - Israel Israeli Central Bank interest rate

This page shows the current and historic values of the Key Interest Rate (Cash Rate Target or Headline Rate) as set by the Israeli Central Bank (Bank of Israel, BOI). The Key Interest Rate is often regarded as the most important interest rate of the Bank of Israel.

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Current BOI key interest rate
4.50 %
4.75 %
4.50 %
4.25 %
3.75 %
3.25 %
2.75 %
2.00 %
1.25 %
0.75 %

Chart BOI key interest rate

Historical interest rates

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Bank of Israel (BOI)

The central bank of Israel is the Bank of Israel (BOI). Some of the main tasks of the Israeli central bank are:

  • shaping the monetary policy;
  • managing the national foreign currency reserves;
  • taking care of the stability of financial markets;
  • to act as a bank for the government;
  • issuing the Shekel, the national currency.

The monetary policy of the BOI is focused on maintaining price stability which allows for a climate of sustainable economic growth. Price stability is reflected in an inflation level objective.

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To achieve this objective the Bank of Israel is determining the level of the short term interest rate.

Key Interest Rate

When reference is made to the Israeli interest rate this often refers to the Israeli Key Interest Rate (or headline rate). The Key Interest Rate is a benchmark for banks. Changing the Key Interest Rate, the Bank of Israel (BOI) is trying to influence the money market interest rate and general price level and therefore the inflation.

Most of the time, changes to the Key Interest Rate do affect the interest rates of mortgages, loans and savings accounts directly. Changes in the Key Interest Rate usually also affect the exchange rate of the Israeli shekel.