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BOI headline rate of interest, interest rate central bank of Israel

Charts - historic BOI interest rates

Graph Israeli interest rate BOI - interest rates last year

Graph Israeli interest rate BOI - long-term graph

The current Israeli interest rate BOI (base rate) is 4.750 %

Bank of Israel (BOI)

The central bank of Israel is the Bank of Israel (BOI). Some of the main tasks of the Israeli central bank are:
  • shaping the monetary policy;
  • managing the national foreign currency reserves;
  • taking care of the stability of financial markets;
  • to act as a bank for the government;
  • issuing the Shekel, the national currency.
The monetary policy of the BOI is focused on maintaining price stability which allows for a climate of sustainable economic growth. Price stability is reflected in inflation level objective. For an overview of current inflation in Israel, click here. To achieve this objective the Bank of Israel is determining the level of the short term interest rate.

Cash rate target

When reference is made to the Israeli interest rate this often refers to the Israeli headline rate of interest, or headline rate of interest. The headline rate of interest is a commercial benchmark for banks and is announced monthly. Changing the headline rate of interest, the Bank of Israel (BOI) is trying to influence the money market interest rate and general price level and therefore the inflation. Most of the time, changes to the headline rate of interest do affect the interest rates of mortgages, loans and savings accounts directly.

This page shows the current and historic values of the BOI headline rate of interest.

For a summary of the current interest rates of a large number of central banks please click here.

Tables - current and historic interest rates of the central bank of Israel

BOI latest interest rate changes

 change date percentage
 may 22 2023 4.750 %
 april 03 2023 4.500 %
 february 20 2023 4.250 %
 january 02 2023 3.750 %
 november 21 2022 3.250 %
 october 03 2022 2.750 %
 august 22 2022 2.000 %
 july 04 2022 1.250 %
 may 23 2022 0.750 %
 april 11 2022 0.350 %

Summary of other central banks’ interest rates

 central bank interest rate region percentage date
 FED interest rate United States 5.250 % 05-03-2023
 RBA interest rate Australia 3.850 % 05-02-2023
 BACEN interest rate Brazil 13.750 % 08-04-2022
 BoE interest rate Great Britain 4.500 % 05-11-2023
 BOC interest rate Canada 4.500 % 01-25-2023
 PBC interest rate China 3.650 % 08-22-2022
 ECB interest rate Europe 3.750 % 05-04-2023
 BoJ interest rate Japan -0.100 % 02-01-2016
 CBR interest rate Russia 7.500 % 09-16-2022
 SARB interest rate South Africa 8.250 % 05-25-2023

In order to be able to show the data on this page, we make use of a large number of sources of information that we believe to be reliable. For more information and our disclaimer, click here.

American interest rate (Fed)5.25 %05-03-2023
Australian interest rate (RBA)3.85 %05-02-2023
British interest rate (BoE)4.50 %05-11-2023
Canadian interest rate (BOC)4.50 %01-25-2023
European interest rate (ECB)3.75 %05-04-2023
Japanese interest rate (BoJ)-0.10 %02-01-2016
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