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We launched the global-rates.com website in 2009. Our goal is to keep visitors from all over the world informed about the developments of a large number of rates. This includes both national and international interest rates and other economic figures. Since its inception, millions of people from over 200 countries have visited global-rates.com. In September 2023, we launched a new website. Our objective is to add a lot of valuable content in the future to assist even more visitors.

Triami Media BV

Global-rates.com is a website operated by Triami Media BV based in Bilthoven, the Netherlands. In addition to this website, Triami Media BV also manages the websites Euribor-rates.eu en Inflation.eu.


We are always eager to hear if you have any questions about our website itself or the information on our site. Ideas to further improve the website are also very welcome.

You can reach us at:

  • Email: info@triami.eu
  • Phone: +31 (0)30 737 0653

Our earnings

Our services are free for you. However, building and maintaining the website and keeping all the information up-to-date does incur costs. Since we are not a charity, we need to generate income somehow. Our earnings mainly come from:

  • Advertisement revenues: You might see advertisements appear on our website. We receive a fee from the advertiser for displaying such an advertisement or when you click on it.
  • Affiliate and other collaborations: On global-rates.com, you can compare various rates. Sometimes, we create these comparisons ourselves. If you click through to a party included in the comparison, we might receive a fee for the referral. Sometimes we receive a compensation if you decide to apply for something. This compensation varies per partner and can be determined in different ways.

    Sometimes we do not create and maintain these comparisons ourselves, but collaborate with a partner who supplies the comparison. For placing this comparison, we sometimes charge this partner a fee. The revenues can also consist of a compensation when you click through from the comparison to another site and/or when you make a request there.


We plan to significantly expand the content on global-rates.com in the coming years. Partially by adding content to our database ourselves, but also by collaborating with local parties. We are therefore always looking for local companies that compare interesting rates and can also place these rates externally through, for example, an i-frame.

On this page, you can see an example of how this can work:

Compare Dutch savings interest rates (collaboration with the Dutch website Sparen.com)

If you want to learn more about the collaboration opportunities, please contact Roland Bieleveldt using the above-mentioned phone number or email address.


This site is created and maintained by Triami Media BV in Bilthoven (the Netherlands). We only use sources that we consider to be reliable. We cannot accept any liability for the content displayed. Please also see our disclaimer.