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Consumer prices

When we look at the inflation development in a specific country or region, we often concentrate on consumer prices. When reference is made to the rate of inflation in a country, this usually refers to the consumer price index inflation (CPI). On this website you can find the following inflation figures based on consumer prices:
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USD LIBOR - 1 month4.77929 %03-21-2023
JPY LIBOR - 3 months-0.02617 %12-30-2022
GBP LIBOR - 6 months4.46900 %03-21-2023
Interest rate SONIA3.9268 %03-20-2023
Interest rate SARON0.913614 %03-20-2023
Interest rate TONAR-0.016 %03-17-2023
Interest rate SOFR4.55 %03-20-2023
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